Monday, November 22, 2010

NY Trip

Using images from internet or from observation sketch at least 6 small paintings you saw in NYC. Use color pencil or pastels. also include any photographs of galleries , the city or people.
Create a 2 page spread

Sketchbook assignment due Dec1


How would you interpret this word?

1. First color a 2 page spread with dirty paint water, ink, coffee of tea.

2. On one page try out different ideas

· Dishes on table?

· What’s left of the turkey?

· Food on a plate?

· People?

AGAIN….How would you interpret this word?

3. On facing page, sketch your idea with A SINGLE LINE (no shading needed)


____ interesting view

---------- interesting idea

____ use of “the formula”(have something lead the eye into your picture)

_____ realism is achieved

_____ line is dark and image is clearly recoginized

Tuesday, November 9, 2010



On your blog use ALL the questions and criteria below. Your self evaluation, reflection, content,and painted image will be the basis of this assignment.


Describe your experience with a palette knife:

· What surprised you?

· What frustrated you?

· How did you overcome any frustration?

· Would you use it again?

Why not? Why? Under what circumstances?

· What did you learn about painting and your “thinking” by using a palette knife?


Have you shown reflected color and shapes?

Choice of composition draws the eye through the painting from front to back. (not side to side) Tell where and how.

All objects ( shoes, cups, fabric,etc) appear to be in same light.

Did you SUMMARIZE, generalize, OR ITEMIZE the visual information. Refer to specific areas of your painting and be specific.

Kudos to another artist- whose work from among your classmates do you think met the criteria best? WHY?

this weeks assignments due by friday

  • 5 jpgs that addresss the question " what do I obsess about?" or " show movement and silence in the same picture"

  • comment on 5 or more classmates blogs

  • ONE MAJOR ART PIECE - either Black on Black or what is your personal choice.

AP students have to turn in their CONCENTRATION idea papers